Pierre Lagrange, owner of bespoke tailoring family business, Huntsman.

Gatekeeping Huntsman: Why Modernisation is Not Necessarily the Answer—An Interview with Pierre Lagrange

As I turned down Savile Row, just a minute’s walk from Regent Street, it was immediately clear that I was entering a world famous street, dedicated to the art of traditional bespoke tailoring. The doorbell chimed as I stepped through the door to Huntsman, No. 11 Savile Row, London. A man with long hair and broad shoulders turned to greet me. This man, I thought to myself, must be Pierre...Read More
Apostolos Patounis' ancestors of family soap business based in Corfu, Greece, inside their factory

Small but Successful: Family-run Business in Corfu

Corfu, situated in the Ionian Sea, is an island off the North West coast of Greece, approximately 3 hours from London by plane. When I visited the island, it was the end of August and the air was warm and humid. Driving in my pre-arranged hire car from Corfu International Airport, it was less than 10 minutes before I arrived at my destination, Old Fortress. Here I could see restaurants...Read More
Sarah Fabergé

Lucky & Determined: Reviving the Fabergé Family Legacy—Interview with Sarah Fabergé

Aged 57, Sarah Fabergé still wonders what father Theo Fabergé would say if he were with her. As Director of Special Projects, Founding Member of Fabergé Heritage Council, and most importantly, as the brand's ambassador, Sarah ponders whether her father would approve of the new directions the brand has taken in the 21st Century under her leadership. This Monday morning at Fabergé Boutique Grafton Street, London, Sarah enjoyed a flat...Read More
Father and son surrounded by wooden toys made by their factory

Cluster Ownership: A Multi-generation Entrepreneurial Family in China

My father shared many common characteristics of his generation in the 1970s—he cared about how to develop this factory and how to help the people survive and live decently. Last year (2011) some local businessmen and I donated our money to renovate a temple, where everyone could have a nice view of Yunhe County. I think it would be beneficial for us to unite together as one and think about...Read More