The Company

Olive’s Choice Creative is a unique, cross-cultural business communications consultancy, aimed to facilitate communication and cultural exchange between China and UK/Europe. Based in London, we strive to help British and European businesses to set up a new corporate presence among their Chinese target audience, and to support Chinese companies identify and interact with overseas markets. At Olive’s Choice Creative, we offer a range of bespoke and integrated services, suited to our clients’ specific needs, including public relations, market intelligence research and Mandarin training, among others.

The Context

Over the last 30 years, China has become a significant driving force for growth in the current global economy, and therefore a powerful emerging market. Chinese luxury consumers, for instance, accounted for 20% of the global luxury market between 2012 and 2015. Despite this, we have noticed that many European companies interested in attracting Chinese customers, have difficulty understanding Chinese cultural practices and desires. Again, a similar situation applies to Chinese investors and companies, who are keen to expand their business on a global scale—many of these companies do not yet have the knowledge or experience, that is necessary to form meaningful connections, with potential European business-partners and customers. Our cross-cultural business communications consultancy can help these businesses—our clients—to unlock their global business potential.

The Director

Company founder Olive Yanli Hou, used to be journalist and editor of China Entrepreneur magazine—a leading Chinese business media platform, known as Fortune magazine in China. Her reporting fields include international affairs, cross-cultural management and innovation. Hou then worked as project manager and international relations director at the same media company, where she successfully organized themed events including the Creative Competitiveness Conference in London 2010, Chinese Innovation Night in Beijing 2011, and the Chinese Business Inspiration Banquet at Summer Davos (New Champion of World Economic Forum in Dalian) 2012, leading the program design and delivery.